About Me

Short Bio

I’m a leader and an engineer at heart with a solid product taste and strong business acumen. My work consists of building the best People-firsthappy workplaces. I help engineering organizations drive impactful business outcomes through operational excellence and empathy.

Long Bio

An empathetic rebel engineer with a strong passion for numbers, technology, and teams’ happiness. He has a natural ability to care about people, furthermore, inspire, motivate, and build effective relationships.

Salvatore has over a decade of software engineering experience building and designing scalable applications and high-traffic distributed systems. He also has more than five years of hands-on people management experience, mentoring, and growing high-performing teams.

He loves maximizing engineers’ effectiveness in both organization and tech side (VCS, CD/CI, and development workflow) and loves making evidence-based decisions.

He hires and builds highly skilled and highly-performing engineering teams, and he has a track record of achieving great things with his squads.

He builds and influences a culture of ownership, empathy, and inclusivity, not only within his teams but also within the whole engineering department.

Salvatore has a proven experience of working efficiently, end-to-end, with cross-teams. He partners with Product, Design, Data Science, Marketing and DevOps people to build and deliver product roadmaps incrementally, effectively, and with a high level of quality.

He has a deep understanding of Web technologies and DevOps tools, such as PHP, Symfony, Node.js, Docker, Git, CI/CD pipelines, and Kubernetes.